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Oppo is set to launch their N3 on October 29th, but they seem determined to not leave much to announce, with controlled teasers being released slowly, but steadily on social media. The latest tease is for the ‘Precision Optics’ in the rotating camera, but it’s what’s shown further down the back of the phone that could prove more interesting.

In the picture shown in the tweet, which shows the exploded camera optics, about halfway up the rear of the phone, you can see what seems to be a fingerprint scanner. The rumours are now flying that Oppo will announce this feature later this month. There’s no details on the fingerprint scanner, such as whether it’s a swipe (like the Galaxy Note 4 and S5) or touch (like the iPhone or recently announced Huawei Ascend Mate 7), but we’ll find out soon enough.

The Oppo N3 is shaping up to be quite the handset, we really hope to see it on the Oppo Mobile site soon after launch.

Source: @oppo.