After its announcement at Google I/O earlier this year and a subdued presence as a step counter on our Android Wear watches for the last few months, Google has finally unleashed Google Fit, its take on keeping all of your personal fitness data in once place.

Google wants Google Fit to be an effortless way to track your fitness activity – you don’t need to carry a Fitbit, Jawbone or any other fitness tracker anymore; just carry your phone or your Android Wear device. Google Fit will use the sensors in those devices to monitor when you’re active – whether its walking, running or riding they’ve got you covered.

If you use popular fitness apps like Strava, Runtastic or Runkeeper you can link your data directly into Google Fit. There’s no word on integration from other big players like Fitbit with the data in Google Fit. Grab the Google Fit app for your device – keep track of your fitness and keep yourself motivated as we motor towards summer.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

It’s not all smooth sailing, though – a few members of the Ausdroid team have installed the app this morning and found that all the step data our Android Wear watches have been tracking in the last few months is nowhere to be seen. Hopefully it’ll show up soon.

It’s also worth remembering that Google’s not the first player in this space, with Jawbone’s recently opened API allowing third parties – potentially including other fitness trackers – to store data in their service. Will we see a Balkanization of the fitness space, or will Google Fit be the one service to unite them all?

Have you checked out Google Fit? What do you like, or dislike about it? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Android Blog.
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    Chris Spencer

    Can’t get Runkeeper connected..


    caught the train into sydney today and exceeded my daily exercise goal!


    I’ve got it running.
    Now I have to run for more than a minute to see if it works.
    I like that it measures time, rather than steps. More meaningful, less rubbish in steps from your phone jiggling a bit.

    Also, it needs a widget. (Is there a widget?) That simple circle is very widget worthy.


    Loads of comments saying step data wiped.. outa luck I guess boys

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