Moto X2 Good Guys
The delayed launch of the Moto X in Australia is being further confirmed by the launch of the Moto X Gen 2 pre-order page on The Good Guys website tonight. Just as the Moto X Gen 2 page on the Harvey Norman website is advising a late November launch for the phone, so to are The Good Guys.

The Moto X Gen 2 is now available for pre-order, for $697 with options for in-store pickup or delivery, which should start around ‘Late November’. In-store pickup will obviously not cost extra, while the option for delivery will cost an additional $5. The Moto X Gen 2 being offered is the XT1092 model, which includes support for FD-LTE 4G Bands: 01(2100MHz), 03(1800MHz), 07(2600MHz), 08(900MHz) – meaning you should be able to connect to the 1800Mhz 4G network used by Optus, Telstra and Vodafone across the majority of Australia.

It seems that late November is the time for at least two Motorola phones to launch here in Australia, with the Motorola built Nexus 6 apparently launching around then according to Kogan. With late November fast approaching, you still have some time left to decide if the size and specs of the Moto X are right for you. Head over to The Good Guys website and check it out.

Source: The Good Guys.
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No LTE700 support for Australia means no sale for those in the know with the up and coming LTE700 networks from Telstra and Optus being launched from January.

It’s a $700 phone, not an entry level phone so this omission is huge.


Will this be a 32Gb version do you think?

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately no. Motorola has said only the 16GB model will be released in Australia 🙁