Samsung Gear Live Charging Dock on Google Play
It’s been a good few days for new hardware being added to the Australian Google Play store – but the vast majority of it is at this stage, not available for order. You can now add the spare Charging Dock for the Samsung Gear Live to the list, with a place-holder page now live.

The dock shows up as a suggested purchase when you click on the Samsung Gear Live, but doesn’t show up on the Android Wear Promotion page like the G Watch Cradle. Perhaps Google will add the Gear Live Charging Dock to the Promo page when it does eventually become available.

When it eventually does go up for order, the Dock will set you back $24.95 plus a shipping fee, which based on the shipping charges for the LG charging dock when it went live, should offer two options :

  • Saver (6-8 Business Days) – $4.50
  • International Priority (2-7 Business Days) – $10.95

The dock for the Samsung Gear Live has been having many issues, with a number of owners reporting that the dock has either snapped or disintegrated after what’s generally been fairly normal use, so having a spare around may not be a bad idea. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the dock becomes available for order.

Source: Google Play.
Thanks: Duncan.