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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro is now available in Australia

Huawei today launched the Watch GT 2 Pro in Australia, adding to its wearable lineup. This model launched overseas late last year, and is available today in local stores. The Watch GT 2 Pro offers great features like previous models...

realme has launched its 2021 wearable lineup

Budget smartphone brand realme has launched its 2021 wearable line-up that includes the Buds Air Pro and realme watch s. The new wearables seem to centre around both earbuds and a smart watch that are aimed at the budget conscious....

Google says they’ve completed Fitbit purchase. US and AUS regulators still haven’t said Yes

In a synchronised announcement Google and Fitbit have both blogged that the acquisition of Fitbit by Google is complete. Fitbit President and co-founder James Park said in his announcement: I’m writing today to let you know that Fitbit is now officially...

The OnePlus Band has been accidentally revealed in the OnePlus Fitness App

There are a number of leaks, renders and suggestions around of what we may see when the OnePlus Band drops. Some of this has been confirmed through OnePlus' own fitness app, now available on the Play Store. For those of...

V-Fitness Smartwatch review — Can a $99 smartwatch deliver the goods?

When it comes to smartwatches, there are really only a few mainstream options and being blunt, this isn’t one of them. The V-Fitness Smartwatch is an interesting proposition in that it’s not WearOS, it’s not Garmin or Fitbit but...

Review: Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2, a hybrid sport and smart watch

Recently we have reviewed a lot of different smartwatches, some not so smart focusing more on the fitness side of things, while others focusing on the smart side of the business. The Amazfit GTR2 and GTS 2 both...

OnePlus smartwatch coming “early next year”

We have all wanted Google to release a Pixel Watch for a long time but it does not look that is going ot happen any time soon. The next best bet in the Android space, given their proficiency...

Review: Polar Vantage V2, the serious fitness watch trying to be smart

There are a lot of so-called smartwatches around. We are seeing what we consider smartwatches -- eg. Wear OS, Galaxy Watches etc -- move more into the fitness space and at the same time we are seeing the...

Review: Suunto 7 — the Wear OS sportswatch

Wear OS was teetering on the edge of oblivion not so long ago but around the middle of last year manufacturers actually started putting some decent specs in their smartwatches -- ie. more RAM. Since then Wear OS...

OnePlus working with Google to bring their first WearOS smartwatch to fruition

Rumours have been circling for a while suggesting that OnePlus are working on a smartwatch. Today OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed not just the existence of the OnePlus watch but also that it will run WearOS. In an interview...

V-Fitness brings a $99 Smart Watch to the Aussie market

If you use Google Fit or Apple Health and want a compatible smartwatch that doesn't cost the earth then V-Fitness may have the answer. Their new smartwatch costs only $99 and does a lot of basic fitness tracking...

Mobvoi launches their anticipated LTE variant of the TicWatch Pro 3

It's not often we see a small company rise to be the leader of the pack in they tech space, but if you want a Wear OS device right now, then Mobvoi makes the best one the market, and...

Suunto drop the price of the Suunto 7 Sportswatch to $599

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since we covered the release of the Suunto 7 Smartwatch and over the year instead of focusing on delivering new products Suunto have instead focused on steadily releasing updates to...

Fitbit Australia and Sydney Uni partner in international COVID-19 pandemic wearables research

Can wearable tech predict COVID-19 and reveal how pandemics affect us? That's one of the questions University of Sydney researchers would like to know and to find out they have joined an international, US-led effort to discover if data from...

Review: OPPO Watch, not just another clone

OPPO announced their first smartwatch earlier this year, with the Wear OS version arriving not long after. Unfortunately, it took a few months to land here in Australia but now that it is here we are seeing not just...

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