The Made by Google event for 2022 is just two weeks away and we’re expecting to see some big things.

Among the official announcements we’re going to see the Pixel 7 devices, Pixel Watch, Nest Wi-Fi Pro and — hopefully — some more info about the Pixel Tablets.

If you’re super keen and don’t like sleep, then you’ll be able to watch the event live. There are a couple of pathways for you to do this, one is by the Made by Google site which also give you a link to add the event to your Google Calendar. The other, if you prefer not to add these types of events to your calendar is to watch live on the Made by Google YouTube Channel.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay up late — the event starts at 1 am eastern — or check out the news the next morning, it’s a time of excitement for fans of the Pixel device range.