There are plenty of leaks about showing information about the likely upcoming Pixel 8 devices. The even better news is that signs suggest the — not yet confirmed — release date is imminent.

When it comes to device releases, the big players are pretty consistent in their timing. Last year, we saw the Pixel 7 devices and the Pixel Watch released in early October, with specials on the previous generation starting in September.

Well, it’s nearly September and guess what?

Across multiple retailers and Google’s online store, the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch are all discounted. This suggests that we are, in fact, about to see the Google event officially announced for late September – early October. But it’s better news for users who are looking for a great device at an even better price.

The discounts on the Google Store are pretty significant on some devices with:

Will you grab a bargain, or is there something you’re waiting for in the next generation of Pixel devices?