For anyone looking to keep their house clean and tidy, with minimal effort then a robot vacuum is a must these days. Earlier this year, I reviewed the DEEBOT NEO, and while it’s not the highest-spec robot vac out there, it ticks many boxes.

Shortly after our review, Aldi ran a special on the NEO, which sold out quickly; at half price, that’s hardly a surprise. Well, they’re doing it again and at $399.00 that’s bloody good value for the DEEBOT NEO.

When I reviewed the NEO, I loved its versatility with the mop and vacuum functions. Additionally, the remarkably accurate mapping of your premises makes it easy to trigger a quick clean in a specific area or schedule cleaning in different areas of your home.

They’re not always something I pay much attention to, but on Saturday 9th of September, I’ll be heading for the local Aldi.