Since the announcement of Lollipop, and HTC’s subsequent promise to update US based HTC One M7 and M8 handsets to Android 5.0 within 90 days, owners of the handsets have been waiting with bated breath. Now HTC Developer LlabTooFeR has shown of screenshots of Sense 6 with Lollipop running on the HTC One M8 – and it looks good.

The screenshots showing the quick settings, app switcher and lock screen appeared on twitter in the early hours of this morning followed shortly after by “one more exclusive screenshot” a short while later. From the look of the screenshots, they appear to be a complete “stock” HTC Sense setup.

Unfortunately my German is a little rusty non existent, so I’m not going to be able to decipher the on screen notification etc but the screenshots are a great indicator that there is progress on the development of the ROM and that it shouldn’t be too much longer before an HTC image becomes available.

If you’re proudly rocking the HTC One M8, have you remained patient waiting for an OTA or have you changed ROM to get the latest version of Android on your device?

Source: LlabTooFeR Twitter.
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Anyone? I could have walked to every horizon in Australia…twice…before this update comes out!


So when will HTC release it down under? More specifically, Optus for the One M8?


But… but… where are the new geometric icons on the navigation bar?!


Nothing exciting in the German – just your usual notifications like “No SIM card”, “USB connected”, “Charging (47 mins until full)”, “Emergency calls only” etc.


Looking good. Google borrowed a lot of design elements of Lollipop fromHTC Sense so the transition isn’t jarring at all and suits Sense very nicely.

Can’t wait to see what HTC do with Sense 7 next year.