Nexus 6 at JB
While the Nexus 6 has launched in the US, and has begun rolling out in Europe, we’ve yet to see pre-orders begin here. But that may soon change, with the Google Play store listing showing a number of changes in the past day, which has culminated this morning in the addition of some more information about how you can get your hands on the phone.

This morning, Google Play is advising that as well as going on-sale through Google Play, the Nexus 6 will ‘also be available from JB HiFI’. Retail pricing should mirror that found on Google Play, but of course with a retail launch you won’t be paying a delivery charge on top of the Play Store price.

There’s still no indication of a launch date as yet for either pre-orders on Google Play, or through JB Hifi. The Australian Motorola distributor is however expecting stock of the phone in mid-late December. Though even once launched, stock will take time to roll out to stores as well, so expect a slight delay as stock trickles through the supply chain to stores.

Whether this will join JB Hifi’s range of unlocked phones sold for the full outright price, or will join the ranks of phones sold through the store on the Telstra network isn’t clear. The Nexus 6 has been strongly rumoured to be sold through Telstra, and JB Hifi are a big partner with Australia’s largest carrier, with JB Hifi also one of the few stores to stock the Nexus 5 when it went on-sale through the carrier last year.

Also making a re-appearance on the Google Play Store listing for the Nexus 6 is the original offer for 6-months of Google Play Music – which Ausdroid reader Dimitry noticed yesterday had been replaced with what appeared to be a fault in the Google content distribution network (CDN) for Google Play. The offer actually appeared to be intended for the European market advising :
Nexus 6 European
Fnac and MediaMarkt being German and French electronics retailers, and though Amazon ships to Australia, they’re not yet actively selling in the Australian market as yet. Vodafone Australia too has previously advised they won’t be selling the Nexus 6.

We’ve reached out to Google Australia, as well as Motorola Australia and JB Hifi to see if they are willing to share any further plans on availability. If we hear anything we’ll be sure to let you know.

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The play store has just updated their website to show that they will in face be selling through JB-HIFI not the European code.


Dude – did you even read the freaking post? I assume you’re the Dimitry from the above article – why don’t you take your useless comment elsewhere.

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