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The Nexus 6 has so far been in fairly short supply, with the Google Play Store still showing very little stock. Google this morning acknowledged stock shortages, so hopefully that should be sorted soon. In terms of retail, JB Hifi and The Good Guys have been the driving force behind sales, but that is about to grow by at least one, with Harvey Norman now listing the phone in their inventory system.

Stores are now seeing the Nexus 6 in Midnight Blue and….Light Grey(?) listed in their inventory system and while no stock is in stores as yet, nor is there a listing for the phone on their website, but apparently an order is under way. The bad news is that only the 32GB model is on order, with no sign of the 64GB model as yet. Harvey Norman’s system is listing a RRP of $879, so it’s not gotten dramatically cheaper, but it is a slight saving.

There’s no word from Google or Motorola on exactly when inventory of the phone will begin to flow freely, but it’s hopefully going to be soon.

Have you seen solid stock levels of the Nexus 6 in your local store?

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Giannis Thalassinos

Harvey Norman has been selling the 32 GB Midnight Blue variant now for at least a couple weeks. I got mine from Melbourne QV. Just note though, my first N6 had a misaligned screen so the edges weren’t smooth, I got it exchanged but we had to go through about 4 new phones before we found one without the flaw. Not sure if they have new stock without the issue yet.

Dean White

I’ve seen the 32GB Midnight Blue at both JB HiFi Capalaba and Harvey Norman Carindale. 🙂


All variants of Nexus 6 are in stock on Play Store!

Will Dutton

I havent seen one anywhere in brisbane yet

David Jacka

I’ve been nexus since I tried android a few years ago but now I’m thinking HTC M9 and use cyanogenmod. At least I should be able to get one on a plan with Telstra.


Will they actually get stock of the Nexus 6 though? I am still waiting for their order of Moto X gen 2 to arrive since November last year!


Im working for HN, we already have the stock since 20 Jan


Thanks Alex, I saw one (along with the Nexus 6) in my local HN today. However, no listing on the website?


At that price and size, the HTC M9 will be my next phone. Pity I loved my Nexus devices but alas short stock, stupid size and already out of date means time to move.


Yeah, I never thought I’d move away from Nexus devices, but my Xperia Z2 has been fantastic and I just ordered an LG G3 to use as my work phone. I plan to sell my Nexus 5. I’ve realised that I actually prefer these manufacturers’ skins to vanilla Android. Who would’ve thought?!