Outlook for Android
Microsoft is having a big day, announcing Office for Android Tablets going live, as well as a preview version of Outlook.

The app is actually a rebrand of the Accompli app which they purchased last year, and according to Microsoft isn’t quite feature complete when compared to the iOS version. Microsoft has said that ‘Once we have completed sufficient work on Android to close the gap we will remove the Preview label’, so hopefully that isn’t too long. While Outlook is designated a preview, you can still install it, with the only requirement apparently being your device has to be running Android 4.0 and above.

Microsoft is using the new Outlook for Android (and iOS) to replace their Outlook Web Access (OWA), as well as the Outlook.com Android app; but these apps will both be around for a while to come.

In terms of features, Microsoft advises that “Outlook can sync mail, contacts, calendar and files from Office 365, Exchange Online, Exchange Server (2007 SP2, 2010, 2013), Outlook.com (including Hotmail, Live, and MSN), Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! Mail”. There’s also integration with OneDrive, Dropbox, and other accounts to make attaching files even easier. There’s a few nifty features such as quick triage of your inbox, allowing you to swipe to delete, archive, or schedule messages to return to your inbox at a later time.

If you’re keen to give Outlook for Android a try, then head on over to Google Play and install it.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Price: Free
Source: Microsoft.
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    useless because it doesn’t integrate it’s contacts and calendar with the os. eg contacts don’t show up in the dialer

    David Watt

    Funnily enough I’ve been looking for another Mail app. I use the HTC one and find it works well. I’ve tried all the others, all the top ones on Play, but I just can’t find any that I like the look and feel of. This one feels the best out of them all. Would be better if it had more settings, like push mail or frequency of checking, attachment options, how far back to sync….hopefully that all comes later. Might keep using it for now in place of the HTC one to see if it does a batter job.

    Andrew Palozzo

    I tested it as potential replacement for nine (to connect to my enterprise exchange office 365 account).

    Compared to Nine it lacks Android wear support & integration with other calendar applications on my device. So i’ve uninstalled and will keep using Nine for the time being.