If you are in a team and you want to coordinate tasks and goals, you might send anywhere from a couple to what seems like a thousand emails every day. Asana now makes it easier to do this with their first native Android app.

Asana burst out into the productivity scene with their suite of productivity apps for different platforms in 2012 when they announced Inbox. Inbox revolutionised goal oriented communication by acting like email but eliminating the archaic feel of the humble email. “Everything is actionable” and each item can be commented on for the benefit of everyone in the team.

Asana has now gone native for Android and designed the new Android app with Material Design and an intuitive touch layout. Now you can actively contribute to the team wherever you are and your comments can influence your team’s ability to complete the task. You can see your project, mark tasks as done or search within your tasks, right from the app.

Asana blog-1

The app is available in the Google Play Store right now and has a 3.7/5 score from over 6000 votes.Users are liking the ability to add photos in this update and the over all looks. They have also commented on the long load time due to minimal caching and the inability to make sub-tasks and ordering tasks how they would like.

Give it a go, if you are a working professional, what do you use to keep in touch with your fellow workmates’ tasks and do you use productivity apps like this on a daily basis?

Source: Asana.