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Samsung’s recent Australian release of the Gear VR, has led to the creation of a new Australian produced video for the headset called ‘The Dive’.

The brainchild of media agency Leo Burnett Sydney, The Dive was created in partnership with renowned surf director Taylor Steel. The Dive takes viewers on a first hand free diving experience, shot underwater in the waters off Port Lincoln in South Australia. The Dive shows off footage of Great White Sharks from the perspective of a diver with no cage and even contains a 360° view from inside a sharks mouth.

Arno Lenior, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Australia, said: “Beyond the technology itself, what really excites us about the Gear VR is that it’s enabling completely new kinds of experiences, and putting them directly in the hands of our customers. The potential for this platform is huge – and we wanted to create something that would bring some of that potential to life.”

As part of the promotion of the Gear VR and the new video, Leo Burnett set up a Dive Shop in cooperation with Samsung in the hear of Australia in Alice Springs, over 1,000 km from the ocean. Local residents were then invited in to experience The Dive through a Gear VR and their reactions, as well as snippets from The Dive, were caught in this short video.

The video will be made available in the Occulus App Store shortly for owners of the Gear VR, but if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne you can head into a Samsung Experience store and see it now for yourself.

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Chris Johnson

I think it’s weird that you can’t actually download the shark dive experience from the Oculus store yet. Kinda frustrating.

Shahil Prasad

That is brilliant. Here I thought some american journalist confused down under with the outback.


now that was well done, good advertising but good VR content to choose.

Brodie Colquhoun

How did I not hear about this in Alice Springs 🙁