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Did you think that the Google Motorola Nexus 6 was a little bit pricy? Well Harvey Norman has got a deal for you! Get the Nexus 6 32GB (Midnight Blue) right now for $100 less than recommended retail at $788.

Have a look at our Nexus 6 Review article if you’d like to brush up on your Nexus Knowledge and make your decision easier.

You can pick up the Nexus 6 right now for $788 and even get it delivered for an extra $5.95 (at least in my area). Good luck!

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: Jamie.
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Caleb Johns

I really hate how everyone bitches on about the screen being too big, if you don’t like it, buy a nexus 5. So dissapointed that I didn’t wait could’ve saved $100 🙁


Sorry, still too large and too expensive for me here, $500 is my spending limit and a 5″ screen is about as large as I will go. Will make do with my Nexus 4 on Lollipop for the time being.

As a Nexus fanatic, I am VERY curious as to what the NEXT Nexus phone will be (Nexus 5 2015? Nexus “7” Phone? Or will it just be called the “Nexus” phone?).

On a side note, awesome to see a fellow Sunshine Coaster (Buderim here) writing Ausdroid articles, great part of Australia! Hope you’re loving it here, Marné!

Patrick Chan

They have the white too. Just bought one in store


I have bought white too. They put all stocks as midnight blue in their system, so even staff did not know about it. If you are interested in, I suggest you to check the description on the case.
I also found that some are still packed with temporary charger, not turbo (I got turbo, though).

Martin Dolan

If they have it at officeworks, good time to go and get a further 5% off 😉