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Online video streaming juggernaut Netflix’s arrival in Australia appears to be set for the 24th of March, with the company launching an Australia/New Zealand based Twitter account which has used the above picture with the March 24th date in their first tweet.

We’re excited to see the arrival of Netflix here in Australia to see what they can offer against local streaming services such as Streamco’s Stan, Foxtel’s Presto and the long running Australian streaming service Quickflix. The main advantage to Netflix would of course be a larger international footprint which could leverage them better deals for content, as well as their availability on almost any Android device, as well as Chromecast – something which Stan, Presto and Quickflix don’t have.

Netflix pricing has previously been rumoured to be centred around a three-tier pricing structure beginning at $9.99 per month. This would put it in line with the likes of both Stan and Presto who both offer similar pricing schemes based on whether you want movies, TV or both.

If you’re a Twitter user and keen to get all the news on Netflix’s arrival here in Australia you can follow them on @netflixANZ.

Confirmed. Netflix has sent through their press release which confirms the date. Netflix will launch on March 24th in Australia and New Zealand.

Netflix has setup a deal with iiNet, which means that iiNet customers won’t see data used to stream Netflix count against their monthly data quota. While customers purchasing a new Xbox One will receive ‘several months of pre-paid service’.

Netflix will also begin selling $20, $30 and $50 Gift Cards at retailers including Woolworths, Coles, Big W, 7-Eleven, Australia Post and Officeworks. These Gift Cards can be used to pay off a users monthly plan which will come in three tiers : a single stream SD plan, a two-stream HD plan and a four-stream 4K UHD ‘Family’ plan. More details on plans and pricing will be made available at launch.

Source: @netflixANZ.
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    Tracy Leonsey

    If this is true so its great because i am still facing streaming issue in Australia and using vpn tool to access it. Since last 3 years i am using vpnranks to choose the best vpn tool for Netflix because it is not working outside us.


    Where did you get the $9.99 price from?

    Every other source that ive read on this has mentioned that they havent announced pricing yet.


    will it have “all aussie adventures”?


    Pack up your swags lets go!


    Once Netflix launches, that will shake up the competition. Can’t wait! ^_^


    Anyone know what DC they are located in?

    Darren Ferguson

    Has anyone got the Play Store app working with the DNs redirection? There was a lot of noise about it awhile ago but no definitive answers. I really want to be able to use my phone and chromecast for this (with the US content).


    Yes, I did an update over the weekend and all is good. 1. Changed the Chromecast devices to be a reserved IP address in the DHCP server thus ensuring the IP address does not change. 2. In the WAN firewall (asus) I enabled the blacklist and then added the chromecast IP address and blocked all protocols to anything on the 8.8.*.* IP range. This means that my chromecast DNS calls to and are blocked and they use Getflix instead. The latest android app still uses as it demands this but isn’t validating the location. I can then… Read more »


    Yeah. I did.

    For some reason Netflix hardcoded googles DNS into the app itself with recent versions. I spoke to the getflix people about that and at the time all they could do was provide a link to an older pre-change version to reinstall.


    That is the standard for apps I read somewhere to use google DNS.

    The version that does not use google’s DNS server is buggy and links to Chromecast poorly. I often had to start the chromecast link then kill the app then select the video and repeat until it worked. The latest version is very stable and works well with chromecast as long as chromecast uses getflix and not google DNS.
    It seems that the app must use the google DNS (or have it’s calls to those DNS servers answered via redirection) or it will not work.

    Jamie Saltmarsh

    I use this build of the Netflix app and it works fine (see photo below).

    Mikhail Cass

    Yay 4K!

    Darren Ferguson

    Sweet on the selling from Woolworths. We can buy the gift cards from our insurance provider at 5% off and then get another 5% at the checkout with a staff card.

    So you’ll save a bit doing it this way.


    So even pricier than first thought, and a much lesser library. Puts Stan in a nice position.


    Pity that the NZ version has been crippled compared to the AU version..


    How do you know this ? Nothing has been released about content yet. You may get better content than us due to Foxtel etc stitching up deals. Just because you are in NZ does not mean you miss out on everything.


    It’s been in the local media here for weeks that the NZ version will be crippled..


    Same in Australia. Until they announce the full lineup of what is available we won’t know. I am not sure if NZ has a cable network like Foxtel but they and the likes of 9 and 7 (TV) have stiched up lots of shows in contracts including netflix originals and this means netflix can’t show them here. It all depends on who owns what rights for what regions which is a joke. As per all the stories as those contracts expire the content will grow just depends on how long it will take. NZ may well have less contractual obligations… Read more »

    Alexei Watson

    I plan to move my US account to an AU account, but keep getflix so I can still access the content of any region I choose.

    Peter O

    Exactly what I plan on doing more then likely.


    Why ? Moving to an AU account means you have to pay under the 3 tier plan. Currently my US account has 4 channels and HD streaming for 7.99 a month, with Getflix and the conversion rate I am paying less than the AU rate for 2 channel HD. you may be better to stay where you are until the dollar dives to 50c

    Alexei Watson

    Well the pricing isn’t confirmed yet but yes the pricing does matter. Mostly I want my subscription to be a count on the Aussies who want better TV offer. At the moment, I’m just another US customer.

    Peter O

    My way of thinking is that it will show the uptake of Netflix in Australia if people who currently obtain the service move over to the local offering. Which I would hope would bring better licensing offerings in the future.

    But then again, I might live in lala land 🙂


    If you are not on the grandfathered price schedule in the states then yes you may well be better off with an AU account and no issues with currency changes. As it looks like the reserve bank is going to drop interest rates today our dollar will probably dive again so we shall see what happens.

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Stan does have chromecast. I had the 30 day trial and it worked quite well. Pity Netflix won’t have the same content as the US though.