Android Be Together Not The Same
Google’s Be Together Not The Same has placed their Androidify characters front and centre in a major advertising campaign spanning most of the continents around the world. It’s a pretty successful, fun campaign and it seems that Microsoft has taken note and is working on something similar in style, if not in essence with some of their advertising at Mobile World Congess.

Dotted around Fira are adverts directing you to visit the Microsoft Booth, using these fun looking characters which bear a resemblance to the style of the Androidify characters, if not the substance. There’s no app to create your own like Androidify, but if it works who knows.

Google wasn’t the first to create the style of character that the Androidify app uses, I mean there’s a whole Comedy Central TV show with similar stylings. It’s just a little interesting after the prolonged, and only recently ended ‘Scroogled’ campaign. We’ll be stopping by the Microsoft booth tomorrow to check it all out.

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vijay alapati