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After announcing their VR for G3 promotion last month, LG’s high-end Cardboard set made specifically for their G3 handset has arrived in Australia.

The extremely well constructed version of Google’s ultra-cheap VR headset made of cardboard is made of a high-quality PVC plastic and clips together extremely well, offering a more sturdy version of the somewhat flimsy third-party cardboard offerings available. As with most Cardboard units out there, the LG VR for G3 also includes the ring magnet on the side which works with the magnetic gyroscope sensor for selecting options in Cardboard apps.

LG is making the VR for G3 available to LG G3 owners in a number of ways, so if you’re wanting to get a unit for your G3 there are three ways to try and grab one:

  • Existing warranty holders: Those who have signed up at LG.com.au for the G3 warranty will be contacted and given the opportunity to receive the device free of charge.
  • Facebook fans: Keep an eye on the LG Australia Facebook page and enter the VR for G3 game of skill competition for your chance to win.
  • Optus new purchasers: The first 500 customer to buy online from Optus will be given a VR for G3 as a bonus gift with their LG G3 purchase (visit: www.optus.com.au/lg-g3).
  • Of course we’ve been in contact with LG and Ausdroid has received 10 VR for G3 headsets to give away as well. We will be launching a competition to get your hands on a VR for G3 headset shortly if you can’t get your hands on one from the above options. Stay tuned.

    Once you have your VR for G3 (or indeed any cardboard unit), you can head over to Google Play to check out a range of Cardboard apps developed for use with the headset.

    Have you tried Cardboard? What is your favourite app you’ve tried so far?

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    Mark Corlson

    Damn, looks like I’m missing out.


    The most recent Cardboard App that I’ve had fun with is “Chair In A Room”. A little story that uses the medium well.
    The Mercedes VR app is fun too. A Virtual ride around a couple of tracks.


    The G3’s in my family are Kogan Grey Markets, so I’ll be looking on eBay.
    The 1440p screen will be great for Cardboard. VR is one place you will notice the extra pixels.

    Daniel Tyson

    Keep an eye out for our competition to win one ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Pick me, pick me, pick me haha


    I’ve already started searching eBay ๐Ÿ™‚ No luck yet. Thought there might be some overseas models available.


    This makes it tempting to get a G3, rather than the HTC Desire 820, tomorrow.

    Darren Ferguson

    Aren’t they pretty different devices? I was under the impression that the Desire was a mid range device and the G3 premium.


    They are indeed, Darren.
    The pricetag diff between the two at Optus, won’t be a big deal.
    $499 for the 820, $623 for the G3 in black or white with wireless charging dock at Optus, $634 in violet without wireless charging dock at Harvey Norman.


    Don’t forget to post on G+ what you decide on Jeni!


    I’ll definitely post there.
    Mainly because I don’t use the other 2 major anti-social nyetworks.


    I got a burgundy red G3 at HN, Mt Gravatt.
    Had to visit every phone shop in Garden City to find a case for it though. There was only 2 Quick Circle Cases left in the whole shopping centre, and both were in black. JB cut a special on the one they had, $34.
    So a good day overall.
    I’ll add the pics to my G+ photos when I get back home.


    So much for trying to get the pics this evening. My digital compact refused to focus at a distance close enough, so the phone filled the frame in portrait mode.

    I spent an hour trying everything I could think of, with a dozen blurry out of focus portrait mode pics, and 4 flash blasted better focussed landscape mode pics where the phone is too small in the frame, being all there was to show for my efforts.
    Not happy.
    I’ll see if I can get any better pics tomorrow morning.


    Took another 1hr 20min this morning to take the 50 photos, to get the 10 decent ones for uploading.
    They’re now up on my G+


    My wife has an 816. Nice, but BIG. The G3 is a more convenient thing to hold.
    But you have to be flexible enough to tolerate LG Weird Android. HTC Android is much closer to Normal.


    Currently I’m enduring Huawei Emotion on a Huawei Y320.
    I doubt LG could be worse than what Huawei are guilty of inflicting on Android users.


    It’s not bad as such. From everything I see, people who buy G3’s tend to quite like them. But it depends on your Android Religious beliefs. How far you are willing to stray from Stock.


    It’s not like I have any choice any more to stay stock, and get a 4G device, toast. The 4G Moto X (2014) and Nexus are useless for me, no microSD. The Moto G (2014) we have is 3G only. I doubt we’ll be permitted to get the 4G Moto G variants. So truth, I don’t get any choice. ๐Ÿ™ No way to stay stock and get the device I want. Out of last year’s flogships, the LG seems to me to be the best of the bunch. Sony is a no go. DRM locking of hardware driver functionality is… Read more ยป