Congratulations Telstra Motorola RazerHD owners, your patience is about to be rewarded. Telstra advised earlier this month that the KitKat update, they originally promised would appear in August last year will arrive this month.

The Android 4.4.2 update for the Motorola Razr HD finally passed testing on the 2nd of March, and began pushing out to handset owners on the 9th of March at 8am to 500 customers over the next two days. From the 11th of March all customers apparently should have been available to everyone.

Now, when Telstra advised the update would push last year, the Razr M was also in line for a KitKat update, unfortunately this update has hit some snags. The Telstra software update page lists the update status as having issues, with Telstra advising:

New test submission received 2 November however upon evaluation submission was found to be missing key components required to commence testing. The remaining components were received 14 November and testing has commenced as @ 17 November, however two “showstopper” issues have been identified which will require a further FW submission to resolve.

The sum up for this is that the rollout for the Razr HD is available, but the Razr M is held up. When the Razr M will receive its KitKat update isn’t clear, but the Motorola Australia website still lists the Razr M as in line for KitKat so the dream isn’t over you’ve just got to hang in a bit longer.

Have you still got your Razr HD? Have you received your KitKat update yet?

Source: Telstra.
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Has anyone received the 4.4.2 update?


They left Razr V on JB 4.1 without ever leaving an explanation. Not that it matters to me anymore since I have gotten a new phone since.


I can confirm it is out.. and it’s on my phone. I downloaded it on the 11th and the phone is acting like a new phone again! (without having to reset it)


Loved my RAZR M. It was almost unbreakable.