Samsung’s Australian launch of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is underway now in Sydney, and Australian carriers are revealing their pricing for the new handsets.

Pre-orders will go online at 5pm this afternoon. The phones will be available for sale on April 10 in stores.


Optus is first out of the gates with their pricing. They’re offering the 32GB Galaxy S6 on their $80 plan with no monthly handset repayments on a 2 year contract. You can get the 64GB model for an extra $5 handset repayment per month.

If you want to go for the 32GB S6 Edge, you’ll be looking at a $5/month repayment, making your total monthly spend $85/month. For 64GB, your repaymewnts go up to $12/month – a monthly spend of $92.

On an $80/month plan, Optus will give you 6GB of data per month. If you move up to a $100/month plan you’ll only have to pay a $6/month handset repayment on the 64GB S6 Edge.

Optus is also offering 6 months of Netflix free with the S6 or S6 Edge on $60/month plans or above.

Visit Optus’ Galaxy S6 page for more details on other plans. Interestingly, the page lists the 128GB model but the option is disabled.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin will be offering 32, 64 and 128GB models of the phone, with repayments varying based on the model and plan.

On the $80/month plan, you’ll get a 32GB Galaxy S6 with no handset repayments. Your 64GB and 128GB models will run an extra $5 and $10/month respectively. The equivalent S6 Edge models will run you an extra $5, $12 and $17/month.

If you move up to the $100/month plan, you’ll get the 64GB S6 or 32GB edge with no repayments, and $3/month will get you a 128GB S6. The 64GB and 128GB S6 Edge will run $6 and $10/month.

Depending on your data usage, you might want to give Virgin a look for their recently announced Data rollover plans.

Visit Virgin Mobile’s Galaxy S6 page for more information and to see all their plans and pricing.


Telstra has announced that the Galaxy S6 is Blue Tick rated, for better coverage in regional areas.

They’ll be offering the 32GB Galaxy S6 on the Mobile Accelerate 95 plan at $95/month with no handset repayments on a 24-month contract. The Galaxy S6 Edge will be offered on the same plan with a $4/month handset repayment, making your total monthly spend $99/month.

Telstra isn’t taking pre-orders yet, but this might change before the phone’s launch on April 10. Telstra is now accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on their website. Telstra has the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models in White Pearl or Black Sapphire available on a range of plans, head over and check them out.


Vodafone hasn’t announced anything officially, but their prices are now online. They really want you to go on the $80 plan through their Galaxy S6 pre-order page (you can’t change the plan), but you can also go directly to the S6 product page and S6 Edge product page if you want your pick of plans.

It doesn’t seem that you’ll escape monthly repayments at all on Vodafone. Their cheapest Red plan – $70/month – will see a $11/month phone repayment for a 32GB S6, and $17/month for a 32GB S6 Edge. Moving up to the $80/month plan, repayments are $6 and $11 monthly, while on the $100 plan repayments come down to $2 and $7 monthly.

Vodafone isn’t offering the 128GB model for pre-order for some reason, but we’re told it’ll be available on launch day.

Will you be getting a Galaxy S6 on contract or will you buy it outright? Which model are you after? Tell us in the comments!

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I can’t find any 12 month contract option on Telstra’s pre order page. I guess I’ll have to go into a store.

Freddy Johnson

These bloody phone makers. I am happy with the speed and functions of the s6. But i loved the sd card storage and the removeable battery options of samsung. And loved these reasons of choosing Samsung over Apple. I am also not happy that they got rid of the water proof and dust proof on both the note 4 and s6. So would I upgrade. No. Will wait to see what else becomes available that meets my criteria and not theirs.

Mark Corlson

Damn, I want to upgrade but not available til June. Wish Vodafone would forget those extra couple of months lol


i think you can get a free upgrade in the last three months of your contract

Mark Corlson

Yeah, June is my 3 month early upgrade unfortunately. I’ll just have to wait and not get tempted by the Note 5 rumour mill.


I commented but it disappeared – maybe it didn’t like URL’s in my comment.

Telstra are now taking preorders – you can get there from their website front page.

They have both 32GB and 64GB in S6 & S6 Edge. No 128GB yet 🙁


Still appears to be better value if I buy it outright and stay on the Telstra Prepaid Encore. Especially given I’ll likely be able to get some discounted JB giftcards as well.


cAN YOU PREorder at jb?


Classic Telstra. Lets hope they add another storage size.

Mikhail Cass

There’s also no Green colour option from Optus 🙁