HTC One M9

According to reports, the camera on the HTC One M9 might not be performing as well as it could, despite it being a whopping 20 megapixel sensor. Dan Tyson has the M9 in the review lab at the moment, and while he’s not quite done, he’ll be going into the camera performance in more detail in his review. In short, he describes it as “not fantastic”, despite the rest of the handset being a much more stunning performer.

It seems HTC is listening to the feedback from reviewers and from the public, and this is exactly what we’ve come to expect from HTC (who are one of the more responsive manufacturers in the market). Stateside, HTC is readying a software fix which specifically addresses the camera performance, and it’s in the final stages of testing with US carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, Spring and Verizon.

For those early adopters, we’re informed that the update should be available to download fairly soon, though how this will translate through Australia’s carrier testing process is a little bit unknown at the moment. We’ve asked HTC about the local impact this may have, and we’ll update you with their reply soon.

A software update might not be the complete fix for camera woes, but software certainly does make a big difference to how smartphone cameras operate, so it could go a long way. US blogs (such as Phandroid where this story came from) have the software update already and will report their findings soon (as shall we!)

Stay tuned..

Via: Phandroid.
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this is really needed and as vijay said i hope this is done via the play store, i took some side by side with the iphone 6plus and unfortunately…its night and day(not in a good way)

vijay alapati

hope they can update just the camera app so users can do it via play store rather waiting or update. not sure if this works


Is that a picture of the M9+?



Daniel Tyson

It was…;)


My stock photo abilities let me down … 😉