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After prolonged teasing, which included a leak of their own mini-site for the phone, LG has unveiled their 2015 flagship phone, the G4.

The phone is the latest in their premium G series which has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few versions with users, retailers and the Australian carriers. Last year, all three of the major Australian carriers offered the G3 and based on first looks, we’re hopeful that will be the case this year as well. We’ve approached all three of the big carriers here in Australia to find out where you’ll be able to purchase the G4 and will keep updating as we get confirmation.

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile were first off the rank, advising :

Virgin Mobile currently has no plans to stock the LG G4.

Optus is the first ‘Major’ carrier to advise their plans for the G4, while no plans, pricing or variant details have been advised, Optus has confirmed that they will be stocking the G4. Further details will be advised closer to launch date – which LG will share in the near future.

Telstra has unfortunately not been able to confirm whether they will be carrying the LG G4 at this stage, but will update us as soon as they can. At this stage, they have advised:

We’re always looking to offer our customers the latest in smartphone technology, however we don’t have any information to share about the LG G4 at this time.

Update(09/06) Telstra has just tweeted that they will be carrying the LG G4:


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Sue Cook

Virgin mobile sales department advised that they are currently in the process of calculating plans etc for the G4

Lucas Buchanan

The fact that none of the Australian carriers have any concrete information regarding the G4 makes me think we’re looking at a good 3 months at least until a release date

Mark Corlson

LG really sold me with their camera pitch but I just can’t fall in love with the look of it. My G3 lags a fair bit and also overheats whereas I never had that issue with a Samsung.

The only reason I’m still hopeful for the G4 is because of that 3GB RAM. I’m really torn between this and the S6.

I wonder how much this will be? The G3 on Vodafone’s cheapest plan was $50 a month. Whilst $69 is no issue for the S6, a lower monthly bill for the G4 is always a plus.


LG. needs the confidences of Samsung in promoting the LG G4. The phone will sell it self. but needs to be marketed as a advantage in technology over Samsung. It’s needs to be cheaper to buy. Samsung Galaxy are getting close to $100.00 per month. If this was done at Say $60.00 per month. within 12 months it will be Australia’s #1 Phone.


Most people are too stupid to do their own research. Unfortunately, LG would be better off doing more advertising than making it cheaper. Sad, but probably true.


Ahh well. Samsung announces the S6, and within a couple of weeks it is everywhere. I wish other companies had that power.


Something is bugged with the header pic on the article.
It’s showing at giant size and sprawling off the right of the screen, in web browsers in Win7, Linux and Android.
It’s showing at correct size in app in Android.