Xiaomi have been in the media a bit lately with the launch of their Mi 4i smartphone, a really snappy looking and (on paper at least) performing device. At the launch of the Mi 4i Hugo Barra also announced that the Mi Band was going to become available in India, I know Australia isn’t India but it was a very clever marketing moment to bring the Mi Band back into the spotlight at an event that was being streamed worldwide.

Our look at the Mi Band showed that it’s not a powerhouse; no party tricks that a top end fitbit or even Android Wear devices have, but for people looking to get a bit more active and monitor their activity levels it’s a brilliant starting point and you can pick a Black and Silver Mi Band up on All Buy for AU$16.20 (based on the exchange rate at the time of writing this article) delivered to your door in 7 – 14 days with their free shipping offer.

It’s a great way to get moving and keep an eye on your activity on a daily basis, so if you’re keen; Head over to All Buy and pick one up.

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Source: Allbuy.
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    Just ordered one. I’m using Google for for steps at the moment but I’m not convinced that is very accurate. Also interested in sleep monitoring. I hear there are better apps to use than the oem one. Any suggestions?

    Simon Adam

    i just bought one of these and a few bands last night for the mrs but i got it from gearbest .
    paid $19 for the band and a few bucks for a flower band, also got a few of Xiaomi Utility LEDs for $2.78 all with free shipping


    I bought one for $20 earlier this year.
    Yeah, it does what is says. Counts steps, records your sleep somehow. Buzzes alarms on your arm. Puts it all in pretty graphs.

    But if you just carry your phone everywhere anyway, the Fit app counts your steps just as well, and doesn’t ask you to sign up to Xiaomi.