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Google is at the top of the list when it comes to search. Google stays at the top by constantly adding new features, such as contextual and location based search, so we always love to see Google ads showing off search and especially Australian specific ads like the two Google Australia launched today on their YouTube channel.

The ads are The Google app: Onions and For the love of food. The Onions ad is a cute look at a basic search you often find yourself wanting to do, showing off voice search. The second ad shows off a little more complex searching, adding contextual search based on results to previous questions: ‘What is Ceviche?’ ‘How do you make it?’ followed by even more searches.

They’re just a reminder how good search is, if you haven’t tried out contextual searches or location based search, try them and see what you think.

Source: Google Australia.
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Ausdroid has a strong presence in the Australian android community, would it be possible for you guys to reach out to Google Australia and ask if they can suggest adding Australian English to the Google Keyboard?