In an announcement that surprised pretty much uhh… no one, HTC put forward a rather horrifying earnings result for Q2 2015 showing (unaudited) results that the company has run at a fairly significant operating loss for the period.

Unaudited quarterly revenue was NT$33.01 billion and operating loss was NT$5.14 billion (approx US$165.6 Million). Net loss before tax was NT$7.92 billion (Approx US$255.2 million) , and net loss after tax was NT$8.03 billion

The losses in terms of finance are huge when considering the quarterly revenue was US$1.06 billion to run at a net loss of just over US$255.1 Million and an operating loss of US$165.6 Million is simply staggering. The issues have continued for some time and despite the launch of the HTC One (M9) have continued, even the regular purchasers of the HTC One phones put forward the argument that HTC had become complacent with design and innovation.

While there may be some adjustments to the final figures prior to the audited figures being released, it is absolutely consolidation of the poor position HTC are in; HTC don’t’ seem to have learned from their previous mistakes and lack of marketing.

Is another massive loss the beginning of the end for HTC, or is there a way out of this massive hole for them?

Source: HTC Investors.
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vijay alapati

I still like m7 rather than 8&9. They need a revolutionary design and option of stock Android to side load the ram


I still am using my m7 and love it (until next week when the g4 comes out!).
It runs better than my wifes s6 which is laggy as hell


I’m a HTC fanboy and tried just about all since Desire HD, including importing some like the Butterfly.
But the way they’ve gone this year they were never going to do well, M9 is the first HTC flagship I won’t be getting, and I normally go thorough 4-6 different phones a year


Pity as they make brilliant hardware, apart from the useless RE. They really should have focused on a watch rather than an action camera that looks terrible and no one wants. Poor decision making? You bet!


This is sad to see. I love HTC as an OEM and want them to continue making great devices. I do feel they played it too safe and got complacent with the M9.

Maybe with the financials as they are and HTC with their back against the wall, they’ll come out with something special with the M10. When they had their back against the wall they came out with the M7, a brilliant device. Hope they can recreate the magic next year.