Get ready, a photo of what is possibly the LG Nexus 5 2015 has appeared on Google+. Uploaded to the Google Nexus Indonesia community by inno yudha from Surabaya in Indonesia. The phone in white is plastered with a ‘Not for Sale’ sticker and is white, with what appears to be a large fingerprint sensor on the rear beneath the camera as we saw recently in the render made by uSwitch.

Nexus 5 2015

Not much more to say on this one, but it certainly looks legit, if a little blurry. We can only wait to see if this is legit, when Google announces their new Nexus phone (or phones) later this year.

Source: +Google Nexus Indonesia.
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    Looks like a HTC ‘camera’ back to me……. O.o

    vijay alapati



    This matchs the early N5 CAD rendering leak, therefor the Huawei Nexux CAD rendering is legit too.

    Here i come Huawei.


    I’m slightly disappointed to see that the volume and power buttons have not migrated to the back of the phone, as per LG’s G3 and G4. The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner is not a selling point for me, although I recognise it seems to be the “must have” gimmick for mobiles at present.

    vijay alapati

    I’m glad they are on the side. And to be honest i never used LG g series


    I on the other hand, am disappointed to see the camera bump. I’d rather the body be made 1 – 2mm thicker to have the camera lens sit flush (or slightly recessed) with the body and have the extra space be filled by battery or perhaps qi charging coils, if it doesn’t have it already.


    After owning an iPhone in the interim, it’s definitely not a gimmick.

    Considering how many times I unlock my phone per day, I HATE passcodes and pattern unlocks, because all those fractions of additional seconds add up. Google’s face unlock isn’t perfect, and requires you to angle your phone dead-on your face like a selfie. Fingerprint is the most painless method of securing your phone right now.


    Associate the smartwatch with the phone, even a pebble, and you don’t have to unlock (as well probably being more secure).

    Added advantage, if you walk more than 10m from the phone, the watch vibrates so if you didn’t mean to leave it behind, you can go rescue it.

    TheBagging Man

    I have no lock. TBH id rather just unlock the thing with no passlock, swype pattern, pin pattern, face recognition,fingerprint recognition.


    No one likes having a lock, in fact, I never used to before my G3 was stolen. Because it was unlocked, the thief can very easily access all your personal data, ignore Find My Phone prompts and even wipe it for themselves. Now I have a passcode lock on my Moto E replacement, but I don’t like it.


    Interesting, if the photo is legit, it’s interesting to see fingerprint sensor on the back, in some ways it does make sense such as unlocking the device on the fly, etc.

    Camera bump hopefully translates to some good optics.

    The plastic finish, I don’t mind, I’m way over the lack of vendor releases on “slightly” aged devices and going Nexus with my next phone. The Nexus 5 looks like fits my needs perfectly.


    The camera looks large. The whole phone looks large, but maybe it’s just the way the photo looks. It always amuses me how leaks are always crappy photos of the back. Why not upload a few, including the front of the phone?

    Damon Lewis

    I saw another mockup which compared the size of Nexus 5 (5″), Nexus 5 2015 (5.2″) and Nexus 6 (6″) and the Nexus 5 2015 sat in the middle for dimensions 🙁


    If that means great battery life, great

    David Anderton

    I really don’t understand the point of a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.


    to authenticate using your finger /s
    where do u want it then? front?? try lifting your phone and see which finger is the first to touch the scanner. front button or back? it always the back which touched the phone first


    On the front would allow people to unlock it face-up while on a table, though. Also, it could be integrated into an existing structure like a button a la Galaxy or iPhone. I’m fine with LG putting it on the back, but I wish they’d integrate something else into it, like the laser rangefinder in the G3 or something.


    Looks like the back already has laser auto-focus next to the camera flash.


    Looks like the HTC One X…


    Looks very dull. I would have preferred that they kept the shape of the current Nexus 5 instead of this rounded corner rectangle thing.

    The fingerprint scanner looks like it was yanked off the iPhone and stuck to the back on this thing.


    Can’t ugly more and still crap plastic body.

    Still waiting for the Huawei nexus looks so beautiful.