Symphony Messaging

In the myriad of messaging apps available these days, choosing one option is very difficult for users. Apple users have iMessage, but that doesn’t allow them to message their Android toting buddies. There’s Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, BBM, Telegram (our weapon of choice at Ausdroid), Slack and — among many others — Google’s own Hangouts. According to reports from Re-code and The Wall Street Journal, Google are in the very late stages of becoming an investor in the third party messaging app Symphony.

The investment from Google (not any of their business or subsidiary arms) would put them alongside some major backers from various sectors in the American business market who have a high interest in the messaging platform that meets compliance regulations for financial institutions.

Do you believe investment in another messaging platform a business decision, or admission of issues with Hangouts?

Source: Wall Street Journal.
Via: Re-code.
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Would explain the Hangouts related surveys that have been popping up in Opinion Rewards lately. Hopefully there’s some changes coming


Can you go into further detail? I haven’t had a survey in months.


My finance and I have both got Hangouts related surveys in the past few days. Do you use Hangouts, would you recommend Hangouts, why do you use Hangouts, etc.
Before that I was just getting “have you been to X recently” surveys about once every two weeks.


haha yeah I don’t get out to many new places which I heard is what triggers the location based surveys. Thanks.