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Bose has launched its new SoundTouch range of wireless speakers, and the killer feature is both Bluetooth and WiFi support. Why, you might ask, is this good? It means you’re not dependent on proprietary casting algorithms (such as Google’s Chromecast), and any phone, Android, iOS or other, that can play audio over Bluetooth, can use one of these speakers. But that’s not really enough — what if you have speakers around the house? That’s where WiFi comes in, allowing you even more control over what the Bose speakers play, and allowing synchronised music playback around your house, or different channels in different rooms.

Bose are headlining increased Spotify support, both through Spotify’s own app, and through Bose’ custom designed app with support coming soon. In addition to this, the SoundTouch range also has Pandora, iHeartRadio and Deezer built in, each accessible through the intuitive SoundTouch app.

But there’s even more freedom with SoundTouch systems.

The app lets you set six personalised presets to any music service playlist, artist or internet radio station, and change them whenever you want.  Each time you do, every SoundTouch speaker in your home remembers them automatically — so when you don’t want to use the app, you don’t have to.  Just press a corresponding button on the SoundTouch speaker or the included remote, and with that one touch, your music starts playing — no phone needed.  Charge it, text, take a call, turn it off, or never take it out.  Filling the room with your tracks takes a second, as fast and simple as turning on a light.

Through new 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi, the SoundTouch connection is stronger and more reliable with less interference and drop-outs.  The addition of 5 GHz compatibility also offers a better streaming option in crowded environments like apartment buildings in the city.

Bose’ new range covers most situations, with small, medium and even large systems to use around your home or office:

  • The new SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker measures just 21.2cm H x 14.1cm W x 8.5cm D.  It combines Bose’s digital signal processing with the new Unidome transducer, a 2.5″ powerhouse that produces the highest excursion for any transducer of its size in Bose history.  The resulting performance is remarkable.  The SoundTouch 10 plays cleaner, deeper, and louder than any single speaker of its stature.
  • The new SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series III speakers are the updated big brothers to the SoundTouch 10 speaker.  The SoundTouch 30 Series III is Bose’s best-performing   one-piece solution, and the SoundTouch 20 Series III delivers rich, room-filling sound from a more compact enclosure.
  • New SoundTouch soundbars and home theatre systems are also available, including two soundbars, the SoundTouch 120 and 130 systems; and a 5.1 system, the SoundTouch 520 home theatre system.  They’re all immersive for movies and TV and double as wireless music systems.

The new Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is priced at AUD$299.00, and the new SoundTouch 20 Series III system and SoundTouch 30 Series III system are available for AUD$499.00 and AUD$799.00, respectively.  Bose SoundTouch soundbars and home theatre systems are available starting at AUD$1599.00. All new SoundTouch systems are sold at,, select authorised Bose resellers and Bose retail stores.

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“It means you’re not dependent on proprietary casting algorithms (such as Google’s Chromecast).”

But by using this system are you not locked into Bose’s proprietary casting tech? If I wanted to stream Google Play Music to this system how would it work? Wouldn’t I need Bose’s proprietary app to support it?


Bose’ casting tech isn’t proprietary; Bluetooth audio is an open spec which is supported by any phone, and allows you to throw GPM to these speakers easily. It just doesn’t work over WiFi.


Thanks for the response, Chris. Yes, I understand Bluetooth is an open spec. What I was asking was whether I could send my streaming service of choice (Google Play Music) to these new speakers via WiFi (your article mentions these Bose speakers have WiFi support). Bluetooth, in my opinion, is not as good as WiFi for home audio streaming. Obviously there are a number of major benefits to streaming over WiFi using something like Google’s “cast” tech compared to Bluetooth – eg. significantly less battery use for the source device, potentially much higher quality audio, a separation of the source… Read more »


I was pretty adamant this article was an advertisement. I was so sure there was going to be a statement acknowledging so at the end. Surprised there isn’t!

I have a Sony SRS-X7 in our kitchen and it looks like it can do everything this Bose can do plus more – AirPlay, UPNP/DLNA, WiFi AND ethernet port for better streaming, NFC, and of course (awful for music) Bluetooth.


I’ve been looking really closely at a Sony sound bar and sub woofer that uses Google cast. What’s the sound pal app like? Also, do you know if you can group speakers together then play to the group directly from Google Play Music?