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In what could lead to a fully integrated hardware presence by Google, Re/Code is reporting that Google has created a new Division to oversee all of their hardware efforts. This new division is to be headed up by none other than Rick Osterloh, a recent ex-Googler, and the former CEO of Motorola.

According to the sources the new hardware division will oversee:

  • Nexus
  • Chromecast
  • Pixel
  • OnHub
  • The ATAP group
  • Glass or Project Aura (not Ara)

The one missing piece of the ‘Google’ hardware puzzle is the Alphabet owned Nest, which designs, builds and sells their Nest branded thermostats, smoke detectors and cameras. At present Nest will remain an independent division under Alphabet under the leadership of Tony Fadell. Nest has been struggling with their image recently with both product issues and internal conflicts surfacing in the media.

For those wishing to see more Google take a stronger role in developing and releasing consumer hardware, this is nothing short of good news. This in conjunction with the ongoing rumours about Google increasing their in-house developed and built hardware, which includes rumours of them developing their own microprocessors for use in products such as a rumoured standalone VR/AR headset. A combined hardware division at Google could spell some very interesting products on the market. A Pixel Nexus phone anyone?? Please.

Google has multiple platforms designed to address the Internet of Things market – including their Weave API and Brillo OS announced last year – with very few actual devices to demonstrate their capabilities. Perhaps under this new division the OnHub will get its rumoured “upgrade” to become a home automation control centre as well as a stylish router? The synergy of hardware and products from Google could be almost limitless. I know a few Ausdroid staff who would line up to buy pretty much anything they launch.

One thing is for sure out of this development, Google Hardware rumours are about to go into overdrive. We’re off to fetch some salt and a lot of hope in preparation.

What Google designed and built hardware do you want to see? Let us know below.

Source: re/code.
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