Pioneer have announced that they have released firmware updates to some of their products that enables Chromecast built-in wireless audio streaming. This will operate alongside their own wireless audio streaming technologies already integrated into the components. The update will be available for selected home hi-fi components, AV receivers, home theatre systems and network speaker systems manufacturers in 2016 or later.

The update brings full Chromecast functionality to these components allowing easy streaming from apps that support it and the ability to continue to operate your device as per normal while streaming media. The update also allows users to use voice-control for streaming playback on the newly updated Pioneer components from any Google Assistant devices such as Google Home.

Pioneer Chief Technology Officer, Noauki Okuda said:

We expect that the current trend of multi-room entertainment will continue to expand. We are pleased to support Chromecast built-in with a broad range of products that meet the demand from our global customers.

The April 25 firmware update is available for the following Pioneer products: SC-LX901, SC-LX701, SC-LX501, VSX-1131, VSX-932, VSX-832, VSX-831, VSX-S520D, VSX-S520, SX-S30DAB, NC-50DAB, N-30AE, FS-W50, FS-W40, X-HM86D, X-HM76 and MRX-3.

Have any of your Pioneer components received this update yet? Thoughts on it? How many here use Chromecast functionality in their home theatre systems?

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David Mcmillan

i will never listen to my music on a nasty sounding home cinema amp. i haven’t heard one decent one yet..

Scott McMenamin

My onkyo got a chromecast firmware update last week, works well but only casts audio only


In a way I am surprised it has taken them this long as I have a few years old one that has Apple Air play. It is not an issue for us here as we have just plugged in a v1 chrome cast in one of the ports around the back.


same solution i have