Earlier this year rumours surfaced that Android founder Andy Rubin’s new company, Essential, was working on a high-end bezel-less smartphone. These rumours were confirmed not long after when he shared a snapshot of part of the device followed by it showing up on GFXBench. Essential has a brand new Twitter account and is teasing an announcement for early next week.

The device is promising to be a high-end device running what appears to be stock Android. It is rumoured to have a 5.5in 3D Touch-like display, 4GB of RAM and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (which has basically been confirmed by Qualcomm retweeting the tweet from Andy Rubin today).

In what appears and sounds to be a lot like the implementation Motorola’s Moto Mods there are also rumours circulating that there is a proprietary magnetic connector to allow connection of hardware accessories. These hardware accessories rumour have grown legs today after Essential tweeted out a silhouette of the phone with a strange-looking attachment poking out the top/behind it.

One thing for sure, next week’s announcement is one that all Android enthusiasts will be watching closely. We all love new hardware, especially when it promises to be innovative and is the brain-child of the father of Android. Stay tuned as we will give you the low down on the announcement as soon as it arrives.

Source: Essential Twitter.
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Yianni Soc

Can’t wait for this device. I have the Galaxy S8 and I’m still excited for this. Seems like a mini Mi Mix, with stock android.