Google’s Android One program hasn’t exactly set the world aflame, it’s still plugging along. A new spark to fan the Android One flame so to speak could be a new Xiaomi branded device.

The rumour stems from an article from krispitech, an Indonesian website who is saying that Xiaomi is indeed working with Google on a new Android One phone, based on the Xiaomi Mi 5X handset. The Mi 5X will come with a 5.5″ FullHD display, Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage. The Android One version of the phone will also carry dual-cameras as described in this screenshot:

A collaboration between Xiaomi, who has previously released the quite well accepted Android TV running Mi Box set top unit last year, and Google would be very well accepted with Xiaomi hardware generally though to be great, while their Miui OS isn’t to everyone’s taste. Perhaps the Mi Box was simply a test run ahead of an expanded partnership.

Neither Xiaomi or Android One branded handsets are available freely in Australia, but there’s certainly suppliers who will bring them in. I’ve previously used the Micromax Canvas A1 Android One handset which was quite good, and I’d be all over a Xiaomi Android One handset.

Source: Krispitech.
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    Looking forward with this news. It will be great if it can connect.


    This news is really promising. Hopefully this will go worldwide if/when it gets made (unlike previous Android One devices). All I’ve ever wanted since my Nexus 4 died was for SOMEONE to bring out some sort of hybrid of the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Moto G 1st Gen, with: * Useable, decent specs (doesn’t have to be earth shattering) * Decent battery life * Stock Android and a promise of MAJOR updates for a decent period of time (or a promise of at least 2 MAJOR updates, etc) Motorola/Lenovo are halfway there, but fall a bit short with their… Read more »

    Tim Marshall

    Xiaomi usually have a good combo of battery capacity and chip selection and fail big time in the camera department, I imagine Google would either want a half decent sensor in there OR that their algorithms like the HDR stuff from the Pixel and friends would really soften the blow of a below average sensor in a snappy little stock android phone with great battery life.


    This I am sure could be a great move for both companies moving forward. If it means a more stock (fully?) Android in a good quality device at a much more reasonable price than many flagships it can only be a good thing. Sure this is more a mid range phone but who knows where it could lead in the future.

    Tim Marshall

    a pixel based on the Mi Mix ? that would be cool. or just a stock android version of one of either the larger or more compact Xiaomi’s

    might end up with Xiaomi doing stock versions of some of their phones for release in western markets