BodyGuardz has announced that they have a new curved, tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S8/S8+ now available for $49.95.

The new Pure Arc screen protector will ‘protect your screen without compromising on clarity or function’ says the company. The screen protector is made of high grade tempered glass and comes with a curved-edge design that fits perfectly to the curves of the Samsung Infinity Display, providing best-in-class touch sensitivity.

The Pure Arc Galaxy S8/S8+ screen protector offers extreme scratch and impact protection, including a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. It’s also easy to apply with a fool-proof application system.

Ryan Noel, BodyGuardz’ Senior Brand Manager says

Curved glass screen protection that actually works has long been the unicorn of the accessories market, until now. BodyGuardz Pure Arc represents the successful culmination of more than a year of research and development, where our mission was to create a premium-grade screen protector that matched the subtle screen curves of Samsung devices.

At $49.95 they’re not the cheapest screen protectors, but do have the lifetime replacement guarantee though that only covers the screen protector…not your phone. You can check them out, or place an order (which includes free shipping on orders over $49) on the BodyGuardz Australian website now.

Source: Bodyguardz.
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    Nick Fletcher

    I’m happy to take it for a test drive and write something for you guys if you want. I have used many tempered glass (good and bad) screen protectors in the past on many phones 🙂

    Philip Clark

    Any reviews out for these? As exposed as the S8 screen is I’m keen to get a screen protector, but most of them apparently have major issues with screen distortion, loss of touch sensitivity and being pushed up by any case.

    Chris Rowland

    LOL I’m happy to take a look at it, but equally, if Philip would like to do a guest spot, that would be fun too!