With the release of Android Oreo today, LastPass has been quick off the mark announcing a public beta with Android Oreo Autofill support.

Autofill support is baked into Android O, doing away with the need to rely on accessibility permission. In Android O, Autofill API’s will allow apps like LastPass to fill passwords in your browser or apps automatically, speeding up the process.

The new Autofill API is also less processor intensive as well says LastPass, and you won’t have to keep checking off those additional accessibility permissions.

The Beta is available to check out now, but remember it’s a Beta release and LastPass says there are limitations. LastPass says ‘Chrome does not yet support the new Autofill API, and some apps that were fillable with our accessibility-based autofill are not yet fillable using the new API’. There will be regular updates to the Beta, with LastPass working with Google to iron out the issues quickly.

If you want to join up to the Beta, you can opt-in through the Google Play Beta program.