Along with Smart Speakers, the latest buzz product is/are wireless earbuds. Today B&O Play have announced their version of the wireless earphones, the Beoplay E8.

B&O Play are well known for their high quality products and the amazing sound they produce (which we saw in the LG V30 yesterday) and the Beoplay E8 promise to be much of the same.

Each earpiece has a 5.7mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer, NFMI technology and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing that allows for dynamic sound tuning and sound without interruption.

The Beoplay E8 is a small earbud that is designed to sit comfortably within the ear canal while still looking stylish and maintaining functionality and high quality sound. The are splash and dust resistant and have an aluminium-encircled touch interface that allows the user to switch between tracks, take calls, activate Transparency Mode – a sort of pass through for external sound – and issue voice commands without removing the phone from their pocket.

In such a package so small you would not expect the battery to last very long but a single charge will provide up to four hours of continuous music streaming. The premium leather charging case can supply two additional charges with the earbuds snapping into place via small magnets built into each earphone. As soon as the earphones are placed in the case they automatically begin charging so they are charged for their next use.

The Beoplay E8 also produce what they claim is “best-in-class” sound thanks to tuning by Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for a rich, full-bodied and precise soundstage. The Beoplay E8 also include Transparency Mode which allows the user to control how much of the outside world they can hear (or block out).

The Beoplay app for Android can be used to control the Beoplay E8. Through it the user can adjust the sound profiles to various presets designed specifically for the Beoplay E8 or they can design their own and save them. The app can also be used to monitor the battery status of the earphones

Beoplay E8 is the perfect companion for everyone, who don’t want to trade in sound and design for true wireless freedom. It is designed to sit beautifully in your ear as a discreet and stylish technology statement and comes with a sound that is full-bodied and precise in its soundstageJohn Mollanger, CEO of B&O PLAY

Beoplay E8 comes complete with a premium leather charging case, five ear tips and charging cable in Black and Charcoal Sand and retails for AU$449. The Beoplay E8 will be available at, Bang & Olufsen stores and third party retailers including JB HiFi and Harvey Norman from 12 October. Separate Beoplay E8 left and right earphones retail for AU$199, and a charging case is available for AUD $149 on

These earphones are yet another entry into this wireless earbud category and are by no means the cheapest. B&O Play are well known for high quality sound but it is a hard thing to fork out this much money without testing them first. If you are interested head to one of the stores to check them out or wait for our upcoming review.

Source: Beoplay.