With only days until the 2017 Made by Google event in San Francisco, the Pixel leaks just keep coming. Last night we got a good look at the front of the Pixel XL and today we’re being treated to full front and back renders of the HTC-made Pixel and LG-made Pixel XL.

HTC made Pixel 2

LG made Pixel XL 2

From the back the two new Pixel 2’s look almost identical with the same design and layout of sensors, cameras etc. However, when you look at the two from the front you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are not part of the same product launch. Sure they share common features, stereo front facing speakers similar placement of the front camera but the similarities stop there.

The XL has the same rounded corner display as the LG V30 where as the Pixel has a traditional squared corner display and the XL has a much smaller “forehead and chin” compared to the Pixel. Overall from the front the two devices just aren’t congruous at all and this leaves you wondering why.

Are Google “pulling an Apple” by releasing two devices with the more expensive, and profitable one would assume, being superior to try and drive consumers to the “better” device? Or this is a simple case of Google just not getting hardware right? Or was this simply an intentional style choice?

Whatever the reason, in just a few days we will finally know all there is to know about the two devices and then we can start the wild speculation as to why Google made these choices.

Source: Venturebeat.
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Bahahaha. That Pixel XL2 looks terrible. I honestly expected it would be the same faceplate as the LG V30, being LG made and all. I had no idea it was possible to put so much side bezel on a rounded 2:1 screen. So glad I got a Note 8 last week. Nougat might be dated, but at least the design isn’t.


I like the panda XL 2 design. Also wish they released it in that powder blue colour like the non-XL


Really hoping we get a silver variant of the Pixel XL, really not a fan of pure black and the black and white, makes it look cheap


There is something about this phone that just doesn’t sit well with me.

The more I learn about it, especially the price tag, the more I’m happy with the decision to go with a Note 8.