Photo credit: @evleaks

Photo credit: @evleaks

OnePlus do not spend much on marketing in the traditional sense. They have always relied upon social media to build up expectations and let everyone know about the capabilities of their phones. This time for the upcoming OnePlus 5 successor it is no different with OnePlus continuing the teasing/marketing overnight.

We have seen many leaks including marketing shots, renders and photo samples leak previously but today we have confirmation of the name. In a not-so-subtle way OnePlus have intimated that the phone will be called the OnePlus 5T, although this could well be them trolling us but considering their previous naming system we are happy to go with it.

For those who are still tethered to their phones with their headphone cable the OnePlus 5T will also include a headphone jack as seen in the tweet below:

With this level of leaking the announcement must be imminent, especially with its sibling, the OPPO R11s being announced today. Hopefully we will see this phone sold directly into Australia by OnePlus so we can all enjoy the premium phone hardware at a mid-range price.

Source: OnePlus Twitter.
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John Bousattout

Pending the screen (OLED vs LCD) i’ll probably get this. Otherwise, V30+ is the next choice.
V30+ over the Pixel 2 XL purely because the price.