Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X

One of the best things about phones from Google is the support each receive. Not only are their timely updates but also you can download them and flash them at your will.

Often Google provide updates for specific carrier’s devices such as the Telstra Nexus 5X. Often it is a problem with the radio software that prevents it from functioning properly on the carrier’s network and thus a specific fix for that network is required.

Today a non-scheduled update has appeared for the Telstra Nexus 5X which has not changelog but we assume it will somehow improve the reception for any of these phones left out there using Telstra’s network.

If you have a Nexus 5X (Why?) either keep an eye out for the OTA update or you can head over to Google’s factory images or OTA images and download the required file and flash it yourself.

Let us know what noticeable changes (if any) it brings to your Nexus 5X.

Source: Google.
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Martin Olminkhof

Why would anyone still use a Nexus 5X? Pixel phones are too expensive


You answered yourself. Pixel phones are too expensive, that is why someone would still be using a 5x.

Luke Roberts

I think Martin was clarifying Scott’s statement in the post of

If you have a Nexus 5X (Why?)


Good catch. Not having the quotes around the text meant it was a statement hence my answer

Luke Roberts

would all be moot if Pixel’s were cheaper!! 🙂