While we’re only a little over a week away from the launch of the Galaxy S9/S9+ it seems that Samsung may have some surprises still squirrelled away for the launch. A new report out of Korea says that the phone will have stereo speakers as well as a 3D emoji feature.

According to ETNews Samsung will announce the 3D emoji feature at the announcement event for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ on the 26th of February. The feature will work similarly to Apple’s Animoji feature which launched last year, offering users the option to use a selection of animal characters to include in their texts or messenger apps instead of the standard emoji.

The Galaxy S9 will include enhanced biometric functions – a combination of hardware and software which includes enhanced 3D Facial Recognition and Iris scanning – which may contribute to face tracking that will make this animated 3D Emoji feature work, tracking users facial movements and mimicing them using the animated characters.

Also mentioned in the report is that the Galaxy S9 will include ‘dual speakers at the top and the bottom of Smartphones’, so while it’s not the front facing speakers that most fans want, it will give a stereo sound.

And yes, just as we’ve seen in the leaked renders the Bixby button will return, though the report says that it will invoke Bixby 2.0, an improvement on the current generation – perhaps with support for more languages.

A bonus for Galaxy S9 owners will be a protective plastic case included in the box for the Galaxy S9, similar to what other manufacturers including Huawei and Oppo have previously included with their handsets. The basic plastic case isn’t much, but it certainly protects the phone until a more suitable one can be acquired – and there will be a good range available.

We’ll be over in Barcelona for the launch of the Galaxy S9, so if you have questions, we want to give you answers. Let us know what you want to know about the Galaxy S9 and we’ll hit up Samsung at the launch.

Source: ETNews.