Last night at the Samsung Unpacked MWC 2018 event we went hands-on with the Galaxy S9. Check out Dan’s quick introduction, and we’ll be posting a more detailed hands-on video showing off the key features later today.

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Chris Litherland

If I could make a suggestion, for a quick look I would rather see more up close detailed video of the device and hear about little things that no one knows already. How it might have changed physically between the galaxy s8 (or not). We can look up that it has dual Cameras, different ram, bixby food etc so use this hands on time to highlight things you can only find out hands on. Software speed, camera first impressions, look and feel…

Daniel Tyson

Hold that thought….

We’d very much love to however we were very limited for time with the devices. Demo rooms are absolute hell. We’ll hopefully bring you something a bit more meaty shortly.

Chris Litherland

Thanks Dan, looking forward to seeing your in depth stuff