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Qualcomm unveiled a Snapdragon 700 series at MWC 2018, offering a compromise between price and power

For some time now, while Qualcomm makes a number of different Snapdragon mobile application processors, the big names have been the 600 and 800 series, which respectively offer mid-range price and all-out premium performance. There hasn’t really been a compromise between the two, until now, and that’s what Qualcomm promises …

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Huawei’s MateBook X Pro could be the best Windows laptop around .. will it come to Australia?

Huawei may have just made a Windows laptop that’s as desirable as Apple’s MacBook. It always used to be that Windows laptops lagged behind Apple in industrial design; while Apple made desirable, instantly recognisable unibody laptops, manufacturers of Windows laptops made ugly grey devices recognisable only for being non-descript.  That …

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The Galaxy S9 might look a little like the Galaxy S8, but don’t let that fool you.

As is often the case with Samsung’s flagship announcements, there are more rumours and leaks ahead of the company’s launch events than there are confirmed news items coming out of them. However, there’s one area where the leaks didn’t really do Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 range justice. I’m guilty of …

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