[Updated] It wasn’t that long we were sitting in the snow in Spain hearing about Nokia’s new phones for 2018, and despite the flurry of excitement back in February, things have been a little quiet since. Perhaps, it seems, they were a little too quiet.

Very quietly, Nokia seems to be preparing for the launch of the Nokia 7 Plus in Australia, and very soon – on May 4, to be precise. How do we know? Well, thanks to a tip – which you might’ve already seen on Ausdroid – we know that Harvey Norman currently has the Nokia 7 Plus listed for pre-order.

This isn’t just some placeholder page, either. The pricing is listed – $649 – and if you want to pre-order, you can actually place your order today; the ordering process works.

Harvey Norman’s page will even remind you of Nokia 7 Plus’ key features, including:

  • Driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform and 4GB RAM, the Nokia 7 Plus provides optimal power and performance.
  • Take captivating, vivid images using this Nokia 7 Plus’ 16MP front camera with beautify mode and 12MP + 13MP telephoto rear cameras with ZEISS optics and 2x optical zoom.
  • The Nokia 7 Plus has a bright 6-inch Full-HD+ display for an immersive viewing experience with exceptional clarity. Its large display is great for split-screen multi-tasking, allowing you to do more.
  • With an Android One-optimised 3800mAh battery, the Nokia 7 Plus can last for up to 2 days when fully charged.
  • Running on Google’s Android One, this Nokia 7 Plus lets you take advantage of improved security, ease of use with Google Assistant, and high-capacity photo storage with Google Photos.

We’ve reached out to Nokia’s PR firm in Australia to find out a bit more about what’s going on, and whether any other of the new range of Nokia handsets might be following. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Update 1: A keen eyed reader has pointed out that there are indeed other new Nokia handsets up for pre-order as well. The Nokia 1 is up for pre-order from $149, and the mid-range Nokia 6 (also powered by Android One) is up for pre-order for $449 too.

What’s the big deal? For starters, each of these phones runs a very pure Android experience – the Nokia 1 runs Android Go, meaning it’s lightweight and updated by Google. The Nokia 6 and 7 Plus run Android One, again meaning a stock Android experience with regular security updates direct from Google.

On top of that, Nokia’s new phones are incredibly good value, and promise to deliver a quality experience too.

Update 2: Each of the three pre-order pages is now offline. Looks like Harvey Norman jumped the gun here, and that the pages have been removed only adds to speculation these three phones will be here in Australia in a couple of weeks.

Thanks: Jeni for the tip.
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Geoff Fieldew

A friend just bought a 7 Plus from JB Hi-Fi

Jeni Skunk

Updates: HN have the 1 and 6 available for purchase, and the 7 Plus available for pre-order saying ‘Late May’ for availability
Nokia 1 – https://www.harveynorman.com.au/nokia-1-dark-blue.html
Nokia 6 – https://www.harveynorman.com.au/nokia-6-with-android-one.html
Nokia 7 Plus – https://www.harveynorman.com.au/nokia-7-plus-with-android-one-black-copper.html


are you getting one of these phones

Jeni Skunk

7 Plus, as a replacement for my March 2015 purchased LG G3.
While the Nokia will be a decent phone, there’s no way it will look as good as my Burgundy Red G3. Even LG hasn’t come up with anything to equal their own high point for styling.


so i had a look then i saw page and its been takeing down will there still be australia regads david


All I can say is before buying a Nokia check out their community forum site. I have a Nokia 8 admittedly its an overseas model as I upgraded from the Nokia 6, (was an overseas model as well and it got regular updates). Unfortunately I’m no longer getting android security updates on my Nokia 8 (stuck on Feb patch) and the advice given to me from Nokia, is confusing to say the least and doesn’t fix. Its sad to say I’m not alone according to a number of posts on their site. People often say you don’t go back because… Read more »

Jack Bauer

Sweet, I’m most likely going to buy a Nokia 6


um they took it down 🙁 is the launch still gonna happen


Did the Nokia 6 have 4GB RAM + 64GB storage?


Google’s cached page displays 4GB RAM/32GB storage.


They’ve just been pulled 🙂 The Nokia 6 went from $499 to $449 to $399 before it was removed from Harvey Norman’s website.

The Nokia 1 remained at $149 while the Nokia 7 Plus remained at $649 thw whole time before also being pulled.

Hopefully the Nokia 6 is $399. This would arguably make it one of the best phones locally for that price.


Geoff Fieldew

An older family member needs a new phone. Nokia 6 & Moto X4 are the front runners now. He doesn’t want a big display so the X4 has the edge but I can’t ignore Android One on the Nokia 6 with 3 years of updates! Both sub $500 with the JB HiFi special on the X4 at the moment. Is there anything else I’m missing?

PS. I’m only considering a ‘bricks n mortar’ store purchase.

Geoff Fieldew

Did you mean Moto G6 mate? I’ve been looking at the G6 Plus but it’s a bit big for its prospective owner.

Geoff Fieldew

I decided on the Moto X4 and have been using it for a few days now. I’ll hand it off to it’s new owner once the protective case arrives.

It’s a fantastic phone and I love some of motorola’s software features especially 1 Button Nav. The camera leaves a bit to be desired although I kind of expected that coming from a pixel 2.

It also doesn’t have quite enough oomph to run Google Maps as quickly as I’m used to but it does everything else I need admirably. Your review sold me on it Chris.

Jeni Skunk

Chris, where’s the link to the Nokia 7 Plus on HN, in this article. I can see the pre-order links for the 1 and the 6, but not the 7 Plus.

Tim Gallagher

Just asked Daniel on another post but wondering about the 8110 4G being launched in Aus?