Be Patient. The Rebirth of Photography is Approaching. See More on 27.03.18 with Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

That’s the advertising message from Huawei, seen on posters and billboards starting to appear across Europe in the wake of Mobile World Congress. Huawei’s P-series has always focused on photography (hence the P), but in a year where Samsung’s advertising is taking the same tack — The Camera. Reimagined. — it’s perhaps a more interesting approach.

It confirms the P20 naming – which had long been rumoured – and also the likely split between the standard P20, and the Pro. It’s notable that no mention is made of the P20 Lite, which will – like the Mate 10 Lite – likely actually be a different model of phone altogether. The Mate 10 Lite was released in Australia as the Nova 2i, in case you missed that one.

With Samsung dominating the flagship smartphone announcements at MWC, and their advertising quite literally plastering Barcelona, it’s little wonder that other brands have opted to launch top-tier smartphones somewhere else and some other time. For Huawei’s part, they’ll be launching in Paris in a couple of weeks and then we’ll get to see what a smartphone with three cameras can do.