In today’s launch of the OnePlus 6 in Beijing OnePlus announced the same products they announced in London, the OnePlus 6 and the Bullets Wireless earphones. There was one additional product in the presentation that lasted for just on two hours that didn’t make an appearance in London, the special edition Marvel Avengers OnePlus 6.

The Marvel Avengers OnePlus 6 will sport all the same specs as the highest end OnePlus 6 with a Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. This one though will have Hydrogen OS instead of Oxygen OS but they are extremely similar, and you could of course flash an Oxygen OS to it, just as you could a Star Wars OnePlus 5T.

The phone is a stunning “Custom 3D aramid fibre-textured glass body” with a Gorilla Glass 5 coating. The rear of the device also houses gold Avengers and OnePlus logos. Not finished there, the alert slider is a stunning metallic gold colouring.

As they did with the Kylo Ren case for the Star Wars OnePlus 5T OnePlus have created a custom phone case for this special edition of the phone. The case is styled in the shape of Ironman’s mask and is made specifically for this phone.

Inside the special edition box will also be a random Avenger Medal. There are 6 different medals to collect and if you collect all six by June 30 of this year you go into the draw to win 100,000 yuan (although my Chinese is a tad rusty there so check out the details more closely if you want to try and win that cash).

The kicker for such a good looking device is the price — at 4199 yuan (AU$875) it is more expensive than the non Avengers phone.

With the Indian launch in a few hours we should be able to hear the finer details and specifics surrounding this special edition phone, with OnePlus India being the first to reveal it’s existence and have already stated that it would be arriving in India.

For those interested in purchasing one from India be warned that it is a nightmare trying to get phones shipped out of the country, and even harder to get them shipped without being opened and the battery drained entirely (speaking from existence). If you have another solution other than a mail forwarder or a way around their restrictions I’d love to hear from you — either in the comments of by email.

It is unclear if this will be sold anywhere other than China or India — we can only hope. Until then check it out on the Chinese Marvel Avengers OnePlus 6 website.

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Jeni Skunk

To be able to have a chance to enter the competition attached to this phone, would require a minimum spend of 25,194 Yuan. That’s to buy 6 of this phone, and have the luck to not get any duplicate Avenger Medals.
Just to be able to try to win 100,000 Yuan.
To me, that sort of competition is just insane marketing.