Last week OnePlus announced that they were releasing a game that they had teamed up with Google to create. At the time the details on the game were very sparse but today they have released further information.

The game, called Crackables, is a series of crypto-challenges which will give players an opportunity to win a $30,000 gaming setup and other prizes throughout the game. The games are Android-based and is available on mobile only.

Written by Sleep Deprivation Lab the game’s puzzles requires skill and speed to complete with the puzzles being a mix of digital and physical puzzles. The catch is that not everyone gets a chance to win the grand prize. Only the first 1000 people to make it through the first three challenges will qualify to continue. Those first 1000 will have a microcontroller sent to them to continue in the game.

Prizes will be available at various stages of the game but only one person will win the final $30,000 prize in a race against the clock. OnePlus also worked closely with the APAC division of the Google Zoo team to create the game.

No app is required to play the game and instead you just head over to the Crackables website to play starting at 8am New York time on Tuesday, 18th September. The fine folks at Android Police managed to get early access hands on with the game and found the game to be “equal parts entertaining and infuriating” — sounds like a typical puzzle to me.

One cannot help to think that OnePlus will use this to build into the announcement of their next flagship but we will have to wait and see. If you consider yourself a crack puzzler and want a crack at the prize pool, head on over to on your mobile device and try your luck.

Source: Android Police.