Google’s move to an AI-first focus has seen the company develop many cutting edge applications for Artificial Intelligence, and now it’s time to bring that tech down to your keyboard, to help you find the perfect GIF, Sticker or Emoji in your next conversation.

Starting today on Android, Google will begin using AI within Gboard to suggest the perfect Emoji, Sticker or GIF relating to your conversation. Previously you could search for GIFs, Emoji or Stickers individually by selecting them in Gboard, but with the update today you’ll now get a ‘GIF’ icon in the top left corner of Gboard which when you tap on it will suggest related stickers, emoji or GIFs.

It’s starting with GIFs, Stickers and Emoji however Google also wants to expand the selection to ‘more types of content’ which they say will help you do and say more. We’re effectively communicating a lot more with Emoji, Stickers and GIFs these days – a picture is supposed to say a thousand words after all. So we may soon find YouTube clips or other content being suggested in the future.

The update to Gboard is through server side switch, though it doesn’t appear to be enabled for me just yet. It’s also only being enabled for those using English in Gboard, though Google says they’re working to make it available in more languages.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
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Source: Google.