Two weeks after releasing the November Android security update, Google has today finally released the update for the original Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

Original Pixel and Pixel XL owners are now seeing the OTA arriving on their phones, you may have to hit the Check for Update button to get it, and the OTA files and Factory Images have also been posted on their respective pages on the Google Software pages.

  • Pixel XL — 9.0.0 (PPR2.181005.003.A1, Nov 2018)
  • Pixel — 9.0.0 (PPR2.181005.003.A1, Nov 2018)

There were no ‘functional’ updates included in the November security patch for the original Pixels, so it’s just the security side of things. Google did say that they had been ‘testing’ the patch in a statement to Android Police last week, but there’s been no comment on why it’s taken this long to be released.

If you’re still on the original Pixel or Pixel XL, you should be seeing that update notification fairly soon.

Source: Google Factory Images.
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Ross A Eldridge

My Pixel XL is also late this month getting any update as is my Pixel C, but I suspect the Pixel C may have run out of life supported by Google. The Pixel 2XL is happily updated though.


It’s likely we are getting delayed, as with my Pixel 2 for example the Camera update etc. I noticed always come later than reported on the internet. Sometimes it took half a day to appear after it’s reported to come out in the US.

Dean Rosolen

I just hit “Check for updates” on my Pixel but the OTA didn’t come through. My Pixel C hasn’t got the November update either despite the OTA being up on the Google site.

Wonder if there’s a block in place that’s affecting Australia.

Alan Cramer

I have the exact same issue with my Pixel 2. No update.