The Autumn release of phones is over and we look forward to the next range of releases, early next year. Of course one of the biggest phones to be released will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the rumours and leaks of it are already starting to surface. Today we have seen a few surface pointing towards the Galaxy S10 incorporating a display with a small circular cutout.

Last week we saw the various cutouts Samsung are thinking about using in their lineup of phones next year with one of them being the Infinity-O. New rumours today are pointing towards the Galaxy S10 arriving with the Infinity-O cutout in the top left corner of the display.

According to Chinese leaker Ice Universe, the new technology Samsung will be using to create the small cutout will be called HIAA and will be exclusive to Samsung at this stage.

Let’s Go Digital have also managed to get their hands on a few details which show that the Infinity-O will debut next year with the New Infinity Display arriving a year or two after that once the technology to have the camera etc behind the display matures.

All things are pointing towards Samsung bringing an amazing phone to market next year with a very minor cut out and very small bezels (see image above). Of course how this cutout will integrate into the OS will be interesting, hopefully it will fit into the status bar of the display, much how the notches do this year.

We are seeing local and foreign journalists on a Samsung tour in Korea at the moment so it is likely there is a link there, lending credibility to the source. After a bit of a lacklustre year for Samsung next year looks to be where they hope to move away from the pack of hungry wolves snapping at their heels.

Source: Ice Universe.