This year has been the year of the notch, a year that many would like to forget. Next year will be an evolution of the notch as we head towards a full display phone. The first step towards that will be the hole cutout in the display that we have already seen in the Samsung Galaxy A8s and the Honor View 20.

While these are the first phones with this display to be announced it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S10 line will continue the hole cutout. According to a leak from Ice Universe today the hole in the display for the Galaxy S10 will be smaller than the hole in the Galaxy A8s. Obviously the A8s is not their premium device and has an LCD and not an AMOLED display which may account for the difference.

As can be seen in the images above the screen protector shows a very small hole for the front facing camera and an extremely small bezel around the borders. The hole and the bezel appear to be smaller than that on the Galaxy A8s.

Of course at this stage little else is known about the Galaxy S10 devices but with a couple of months still until the release of the Galaxy S10 line you can be sure we will be hearing a lot more about it before then.

What do you think about this hole cutout? Do you prefer it over a notch?

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I hate it. Even more intrusive than the notch.

Daniel Narbett

Do you reckon taking a screenshot will capture the hole or the original image?

Chris Rowland

My money’s on original image. Same as with phones that have notches, the notch isn’t captured.