Linksys Velop routers were one of the first mesh-enabled wireless routers on sale in Australia. Though the market’s much more crowded now, the company is keeping the product relevant, announcing new features overnight.

Dubbed Linksys Shield, the new service – powered by Trend Micro – is a premium subscription service allowing users to block unwanted content / categories, and providing an additional layer of digital protection for connected devices and family members.

The new features include:

  • Content filtering flagging sites that contain adult, violent or unwanted content. Users can choose which types of content / sites their kids or others on the network can visit.
  • Advanced browsing protection, checking sites against a database of known threats to keep everyone a bit safer online.
  • Age-based content filtering, scheduling screen-time limits and pausing the Internet on selected devices.

“Linksys prides itself on Wi-Fi performance including speed, coverage, and reliability and premium user experience enabled by software enhancements,” said Justin Doucette, senior director of product development, Linksys. “We want to put the control back into the hands of our users, so they feel empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones from any potential danger in the digital world their own way.”

“Having Linksys continue to select us as their security partner of choice makes us very proud,” said Hideyuki Tsugane, director of IoT business development at Trend Micro. “Together we are helping protect the homes and minds of Linksys users by securing their digital information in our exceedingly connected world.”

Customers can add-on the Linksys Shield product using the Linksys App. Customers can opt for two pricing models:

  • $7.49 per month
  • $75.99 (effectively two months free) per year